This balloons type require ModelEngine to work.

Creating a balloon

Step 1

Create an ModelEngine entity, read the ModelEngine tutorials on their wiki (if available). Note that I'm not its developer.

Step 2

Create the cosmetic configuration

  # Example custom kite created with ItemsAdder entities 
  # (supports also animated ItemsAdder entities models)
    display_name: "Star Kite"
    # Showing a different item into the GUI 
    # (in this case it's a must because ModelEngine entities can't be put in GUIs)
      gui: minecraft:egg
      normal: star_kite
      enabled: true # To allow this item from being colored.

As you can see I set the normal model to the name of the custom entity created with ModelEngine.

Step 3

You're done

Final notes

You can even create animated balloons, just animate the idle animation of the entity using Blockbench. For example you can create a complex dragon or a rotating UFO.

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