Any plugin and resourcepack

Installing the resourcepack if you already have a custom resourcepack

If you already have a custom resourcepack on your server you must merge the CosmeticsCore assets and (optional) default cosmetics.

Step 1

Open the zip file which can be found here: plugins/CosmeticsCore/ .

Extract it to a new folder, on your desktop for example.

Delete this folder: plugins/ItemsAdder/

Delete this folder if you don't have ModelEngine plugin: plugins/ModelEngine/

If you don't need the default cosmetics and you only need the UI you have to delete these folders and files:

  • resourcepack/assets/cosmetics/

  • plugins/CosmeticsCore/

Open the resourcepack folder.

Copy assets/z_cosmetics and assets/cosmetics folder into your resourcepack.

Step 2

Open the file assets/minecraft/models/item/fermented_spider_eye.json with your favorite editor (example: VSCode) and don't close it (the file is inside the zip).

Step 3

Open the same previous file path in YOUR resourcepack (fermented_spider_eye.json).

Note: if you don't have this file in your resourcepack skip this step and simply copy and paste the fermented_spider_eye.json file inside your resoucepack into this path assets/minecraft/models/item/fermented_spider_eye.json .

Use this tool to merge the CosmeticsCore file and your file:

Json 1 is your json file, Json 2 is the CosmeticsCore json file.

The result json is the one you will have to replace in your pack.

Now copy the result json and paste it into your old json file.

Step 4

Follow the same previous steps for potion.json.

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