Terms of service

Plugin compatibility

  • This plugin requires mid-level knowledge of resourcepacks creation. It's not suitable for newbies and for users who don't know how to make 3D models, manage resourcepacks, create textures and so on.
  • This plugin might not work on every environment because of the high level of packets usage it makes use of. It might cause issues with plugins which are checking players passengers.
  • The plugin is not guaranteed to work on every server type, on custom Spigot forks and on particular servers setups.

Support requests

Bug reports

Every bug must be reported on Github, do not use Discord, private messages or social networks to report issues.

Support requests

Configuration help requests must be sent on the community channels of the Discord server by creating a thread or asking on the community help channel.
Do not contact the plugin developer to ask for private help. This statement is necessary because of the high amount of members the community has, it's impossible for a single developer to handle all these requests.


  • It's forbidden to share the product JAR file online for free or resell your software copy. Only the developer of the plugin can share the product.
  • It's forbidden to decompile the plugin and copy code from it.
  • It's forbidden to open false payment disputes. Any false dispute will be reported to the payment service.