Advanced Body Item

Advanced body item require ItemsAdder to work.

Creating the entity

Step 1

Create an ItemsAdder entity reading the tutorial:

Step 2

Create the cosmetic configuration

    display_name: "Enderdragon Wings"
    type: BODY_ENTITY
      gui: dragon_head
      normal: cosmetics:wings_enderdragon
      enabled: false # To avoid this item from being colored.

As you can see I set the normal model to the name of the custom entity created with ItemsAdder.

Step 3

You're done

Final notes

You can even create animated cosmetics, just animate the idle animation of the entity using Blockbench.

Known issues

Delayed cosmetic while moving

This is a known issue and cannot be fixed, but note that this behavior is only visible by the current player.

All other players will see the cosmetic attached to the player with less delay. This also depends on the player ping and on the server performance.

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