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Frequently asked questions

Successfully introduce cosmetics in your server

  1. 1.
    You must not make them easy to obtain. Make them a rare perk for donors or special events prizes (example: seasonal quests, boss battle prizes, staff members exclusive, donors exclusive)
  2. 2.
    Always make sure to publish a new cosmetic when you are 100% sure you want to keep it forever in your server. People don't like to buy cosmetics and see them removed after some time.
  3. 3.
    Make unique cosmetics, don't make useless variations of the same cosmetic design.

Offhand cosmetics (left hand)

Why aren't offhand cosmetics available in this plugin?
The reason is that offhand is a slot heavily used in the Minecraft gameplay to hold important items, for example shield, totems and other items. Using the offhand to place cosmetics would mean that the user won't really know which is the original item under the cosmetic, this would cause extreme confusion between players.
Imagine a player getting shot with a bow by another player who is apparently holding a cosmetic flower. In reality they are holding a bow.
Imagine a player during PVP, they won't know if they still have their shield or not in offhand.
Imagine a player which can't know if they still have their totem in offhand.
You may think: "you just need to open inventory and check". Imagine how annoying would be to have to open the inventory each 5 seconds in order to check durability of the shield in offhand.

Multiple hats cosmetics

You cannot have more than 1 hat cosmetics equipped at the same time.
The hat cosmetic uses the helmet slot of your player, you cannot have more than 1 item at the same time in this slot, it's a limitation of the game.
There is no way to bypass this limitation.