Installing the resourcepack if you use ItemsAdder

Requires ItemsAdder v3.3 or greater

Step 1

Open the zip file which can be found here: plugins/CosmeticsCore/ .

Extract it to a new folder, on your desktop for example. Note: ignore the resourcepack folder, you don't need it.

If you don't need the default cosmetics and you only need the UI you have to delete these folders and files:

  • plugins/ItemsAdder/contents/resourcepack/assets/cosmetics/

  • plugins/ItemsAdder/contents/configs/cosmetics/

  • plugins/ModelEngine/

  • plugins/CosmeticsCore/

Step 2

Copy the previous plugins folder into your server plugins folder and replace files if asked.

Step 3 (if you have ModelEngine)

If you have ModelEngine you can get the example balloon item.

Run /meg reload.

Open plugins/ModelEngine/resource pack folder and copy the assets folder.

Create a new folder and paste the assets folder inside of it: plugins/ItemsAdder/contents/meg/resourcepack/

Step 4

Regenerate your ItemsAdder resourcepack using /iazip and follow the ItemsAdder hosting tutorial if needed.

Step 5

Run /cosmeticsconfig cosmetics reload


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